An intern assists a newly-arrived refugee with permanent residency papers.

An intern assists a newly-arrived refugee with permanent residency papers.

Internships are a vital part of supporting New Americans through the transition process to their new community in Minnesota. Individuals who have worked in or would like to gain experience in employment services, human resources, nonprofits, refugee services, placement agencies, or similar settings are encouraged to apply. Internships are unpaid and usually four months long with three terms in a year. At the Institute, we are flexible and willing to adjust interview dates, start dates, and assignments to accommodate your school’s internship requirements.

Internship Terms:

  • Spring Term: January – April/May (Interviews in December)
  • Summer Term: May/June – August (Interviews in May)
  • Fall Term: September – December (Interviews in August)

Intern positions include:

If you have questions regarding these opportunities, contact Faith Loggers-Jamnik at

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