Hire a Certified Nursing Assistant

Why should you hire a graduate of the Institute’s Nursing Assistant Training Program?

  • Our graduates have 86% job retention rate at 6 months and 89% at one year; hiring our graduates can reduce your turnover.
  • Our program is tuition-free, so reimbursement costs are low.
  • You can count on our graduates to be well-trained; our small classes ensure each student learns, understands, and practices each skill.
  • If your agency has specific language needs, one of our employment counselors can refer you to qualified candidates who are fluent in Amharic, Arabic, Hmong, Mandarin, Spanish, Vietnamese, or one of many more languages and dialects.

Employers throughout the Twin Cities rely on our graduates:

“The International Institute of Minnesota is my primary source for hiring good nursing assistants. I’ve hired 88 students from the Institute in the past 10 years; they make up 75% of my nursing assistant staff. I find that many of their students are natural caregivers who are compassionate in their interactions with our residents and have received good, thorough training.”

-Mona Salazar, Director of Nursing at St. Anthony Park Home. Hear the rest of her story.

32 nursing assistants are certified every three months. Give one of our caregivers the opportunity to impress you today.


Faith Loggers-Jamnik at 651-647-0191 x 324 or FLoggers-Jamnik@iimn.org

Naomi Ryman at 651-647-0191 x 316 or NRyman@iimn.org