Refugee and immigrant workers improve your bottom line. Many immigrants that come into the United States are highly skilled, hold advanced degrees and come with unique skill sets, experiences and perspectives. Strengthened by adversity, they make capable, resilient, and loyal employees. The Institute’s employment specialists offer comprehensive employment services that provide employer satisfaction and increase employee retention rates. Employment services are free to both employers and program participants. The Institute has two employment programs, Nursing Assistant Training and Accelerated Employment.

The benefits for employers are many:

  • Increase retention rates and reduce turnover; save money on training and increase productivity
  • Find pre-screened applicants who are the most qualified workers – E-Verifiable!
  • Hire dependable employees

Our Nursing Assistant Training Program is based on the Minnesota state nursing assistant curriculum, but exceeds state standards by providing extensive skills and clinical instruction as well as specialized cross-cultural instruction. Our program is recognized by numerous Twin Cities employers for the quality of our graduates. Learn more about employing our Certified Nursing Assistants.

Our Accelerated Employment Program identifies and pre-screens New Americans who are highly motivated and prepared to work, and equips them with the skills necessary to succeed in the American workplace. Learn more about employing our Accelerated Employment Program Participants.

What kind of work documents do program participants have?

  • All people referred by the Institute are legally authorized to work in the United States.

Do program participants speak English?

  • All nursing assistant students must pass an English skills test that ensures they have the necessary language skills to work as a nursing assistant before enrolling in the program, though the level of English varies by person.
  • There is a greater range of language ability in the Accelerated Employment program; some participants do not speak English while others are fluent. We will match the person’s language level with your needs.

What should my company do to use this service?

  • To hire graduates from the Nursing Assistant Training Program, contact Naomi Ryman at 651-647-0191 x 316 or Faith Loggers-Jamnik at 651-647-0191 x 324
  • To participate in the Accelerated Employment Program, contact Amy Wehrman at 651-647-0191 x 356

Resources on hiring from the Department of Justice: