Medical Careers Pathway for New Americans

The Medical Careers Pathway for New Americans is for people seeking careers in the medical field. The program has a number of components: industry specific employment training through Nursing Assistant Training; preparation for furthering healthcare education with College Readiness for Medical Careers; academic support for Saint Paul College’s Biology course (BIOL 1730) and Phlebotomy Certificate Program; and, college and career navigation through the Medical Career Advancement Program.

Each of these components are stand-alone programs that can also be done in a series for those who want employment training, college preparation,  educational case management, college navigation counseling and support before furthering their education. Please click on each program below for more details.

Click here for information on a scholarship opportunity: Friends of Saint Paul College- Marbrook New American Scholarship.

For those interested in pursuing a medical career but unsure of which career or which college would be a good fit, we have a guide that will help in educational decision-making. Healthcare Careers: Your Guide to Colleges and Careers in Healthcare in the Twin Cities Metro helps users to identify the right career based on their skills, interests, and length of the training. It also guides users through the basics of choosing a college and financial aid.

Nursing Assistant TrainingCollege Readiness for Medical CareersPhlebotomy

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